Top specialties throughout India

We take you on a culinary journey through India in this article and show you the biggest and tastiest classics of Indian cuisine. Read the previous piece if you want to see more delicious Indian meals you just must try once.

1.Biryani: spicy rice dish

Although the aromatic Biryani has meanwhile made it on many menus throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia, the rice dish is originally a typical Indian meal. It would be best described as a vegetable rice garnished with meats . You can choose from chicken, lamb or mutton.


The icing on the cake is served by basmati rice, which is sautéed in ghee (clarified butter) before cooking to create delicious roasted aromas. Then it is cooked with several spices in the water. Simply delicious!

2. Dal Curry & Dal Bhat: To get really full

Dal means lentils and is an absolute staple food in India! One could call it beside the Thalis also as the second national court of the country. It is an aromatic lentil curry usually flavored with delicious cumin. It really tastes typically Indian and is as natural as rice or bread.

We have not even been to an Indian restaurant without a dal curry on the menu. And the number of different Dal variants is probably as big as India itself.

A special place takes the court Dal Bhat. Dal Bhat literally means “lentils with rice” and is eaten daily by millions of people across South Asia. In addition to India, these include above all the countries of Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In addition to the rice, the lentil curry usually contains chapati or naan, as well as vegetables and so-called pickles (pickled vegetables as a spicy side dish).

3. Korma: yogurt curry

Korma is a rather thick yoghurt based curry. Therefore, this food is usually a bit milder than the spicy Indian food. If you do not like spicy food, this dish is a good choice. The ingredients are classic with meat, but India would not be India unless there were a variety of vegetable kormas.

We personally love the variant with chickpeas, coconut and almonds. Another tasty variant is the Korma Navratan with panir, an Indian cream cheese that melts on the tongue! So take a look on rental24h and make your exploring of Indian Food world better!

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