Top specialties throughout India

We take you on a culinary journey through India in this article and show you the biggest and tastiest classics of Indian cuisine. Read the previous piece if you want to see more delicious Indian meals you just must try once.

1.Biryani: spicy rice dish

Although the aromatic Biryani has meanwhile made it on many menus throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia, the rice dish is originally a typical Indian meal. It would be best described as a vegetable rice garnished with meats . You can choose from chicken, lamb or mutton.


The icing on the cake is served by basmati rice, which is sautéed in ghee (clarified butter) before cooking to create delicious roasted aromas. Then it is cooked with several spices in the water. Simply delicious!

2. Dal Curry & Dal Bhat: To get really full

Dal means lentils and is an absolute staple food in India! One could call it beside the Thalis also as the second national court of the country. It is an aromatic lentil curry usually flavored with delicious …

American Food Items that You Must Not Miss

Great travel experience is about many things, but undeniably, exploring local food and culture makes up a major part. Every year, thousands of people travel to their dream destination. Yes, we are talking about the United States. Although the blog post is about the delicious dishes that you must try while you stay in America, we would like to advise you that the best way to explore a destination is to hire a cab from any 24 car rental service and drive yourself. If you’re not familiar with local driving rules, you can hire a driver, too.

1. American Apple Pie

American Apple Pie, as the name signifies, is an American delicacy. It an amazing dessert made primarily of apples and other ingredients, such as sugar, pastry, cheese, and cream. Its popularity among Americans made it a national symbol of prosperity. An excellent place to try American Pie is Pie-O-Neer, New Mexico.

2. The Hamburger

The Hamburger is one of the widely known American food items. It is made up of minced beef and different types …